Thanks to our bussiness volume and the close relationships we have built up over many years with our industrial partners, we benefit from very privileged treatment in the factories.This allows us to stand out from our competitors through our responsiveness, efficiency, and transparency. Our network allows us to be in permanent contact with the field.

We audit and select the best manufacturing locations around the world for our customers.
Our factory partners inform us about the progress of our manufacturing files in real time.
They are true everyday life partners who are always willing to advance production under the best possible conditions.

Our extensive international sourcing allows us to offer services in all the major destinations known for their expertise in the manufacture of household linen: India, Portugal, Pakistan, etc.

Our structure’s profile allows us to adapt permanently to the constraints of textile manufacturing and to privilege optimal communication with our customers.

Portugal is the birthplace of high quality household linen.

Micasaestucasa was founded in 2013, based on the complementarity and experience of three partners in the textile industry: Joaquim Almeida, Paulo Pacheco and Frédéric Guiet.
This partnership was supported by the Portuguese company Têxteis J.F.’s essential knowledge of home textiles Almeida, S.A., a company recognized in international markets for its technological know-how, for its products and for its strong positioning in the market.
Being a partner in this company means being even more receptive to our customers that look for «high quality».



Aware of the current ecological challenges, we ask our suppliers to follow a responsible and sustainable production model that respects the environment.

Our suppliers are also subject to rigorous ethical and social quality audits.

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